March 26, 2023
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Hot! Five Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your wedding is one of the most special occasions of your life – but it’s also pretty expensive. The average wedding in America is now said to cost more than $26,000 and while that figure is clearly skewed by some big spenders, it’s clear that you’re looking at a big bill to be able to have the big day of your dreams.

With that in mind, you might want to avoid spending too much on your hen party. You can’t not have bachelorette party – that’d be a massive shame – so how do you plan something fun that won’t break the bank?

Here are five budget friendly ideas to consider…

Search for a bargain
It’s good to have at least one ‘event’ at the heart of your hen party if at all possible. Wherever you go, plan well in advance and do your research. There are plenty of deals for cut price tickets to see shows such as Cats on Broadway, for example, which will save you an awful lot compared to buying them on the day. Search out offers, group discounts voucher codes or day/times when prices are lower so that you can still afford an activity to suit your hen party.

Go to the beach
We’re lucky in America to have some truly great beaches and they make a perfect free ‘attraction’ to base your budget hen party around. Gather the girls and get to the beach – it’s a great way to have fun and doesn’t need to involve much money being spent at all. Don’t live by the coast? No problem – not all of America’s best beaches are by the sea.

Picnic in the park
Alternatively, if your friends prefer greenery and gardens to the sea and sand you could base your hen party in your nearest park. Head on down to Whole Foods and stock up on goodies – thinking smartly to avoid racking up a huge bill – and you can have a great time with your favorite people without worrying about overstretching your budget.

Old school sleepover
If you fancy keeping things closer to home to keep the cost down, why not re-live your 8th grade days and throw a sleepover? All the elements should be the same as those nights you loved ‘back in the day’ – girly movies, candies galore, PJs, hairbrush diva songs – although feel free to add a cheeky bottle of something alcoholic to the mix now you’re an adult.

Outdoor party
However, if you feel you’ve moved on from the sleepover days, you could still keep to a home hen party and have a great time. This post covers five top tips for the perfect outdoor party – all great advice for how to deliver a great night with food, lighting and music in a way that doesn’t break the bank. A cost-effective and classy evening such as this could be the ideal celebration for your hen party.

Remember, your hen party is all about having a great time with your close friends and family as you prepare for ‘the big day’. There are plenty of ways to do that without spending big money on a long list of events. Use the ideas above to inspire an amazing hen party that doesn’t cost the earth.

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