December 16, 2018

Hot! Gallery But First, Shoes: Work to Weekend Footwear for Summer 2015

Happy Monday! Our freshly pedicured feet are just itching to be shown off, and with July 4th around the corner, the flurry of parties on the social calendar begs for a new pair (or two) of shoes that can help us make an entrance comfortably. So, we’re kicking off the week with a roundup of wedges and mid-heels that do double duty – one pair for every day of the work week to have you standing tall and poised at the office that can work overtime in the weekend to match your outfit of choice for that summer soiree.


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Covington Town Black High-Heel Sandal 2

Covington Town Black High-Heel Sandal

Monday: Something simple, classic, and not sky-high to give your gams some time for recovery from weekend party wear...

This pair by Covginton is not to be overlooked just because it's sold at Sears - trust us. The black scuba knit peep-toe is ultra comfortable with stretch that easily conforms to the shape of the foot and a heel height that is more than manageable. The patent vinyl wrapped heel is slightly glossy and adds a touch of edge.

You might be tempted to wear these every day - who can blame you?

$39.99 at Sears (see website for sale price)

Coclico Clash Heel

Tuesday: Day two. Let's get down to business.

Here's a sexy slingback that has a sporty vibe with a European flair. Slightly preppy but sleek all at once, it's constructed with leather in the sole and heel in a navy and off-white color combination. The perforated design lets feet breathe. Pair it with basically anything - isn't that the telltale sign of a great shoe?

$415.00 at Coclico (see website for sale price)

Dawn by EMU Australia

Wednesday: "Hump day" calls for a little "oomph" in our footwear as we conquer the rest of the week.

You probably know EMU Australia for its winter booties, and we're here to tell you that the comfort of the brand's classic cold weather staples is available in heel form! From the High Rise Collection, the Dawn is a style that exudes femininity with its blend of friendly neutrals with jewel-toned hues ('Sand' is pictured above, and reminds us of the shore - the 'Hazelnut' color palette features a hazelnut brown with a pop of coral). We love that structure of the shoe is so sturdy and cushioned, made of genuine leather, and gives the illusion of slimmer feet (even though it is not actually slim in sizing... our wide feet thank you, EMU Australia!).

$159.00 at EMU Australia

Loeffler Randall Nora Knot Ankle-tie Wedge

Thursday: "Thirsty Thursday" happy hour after work with your favorite peeps... not quite the weekend but almost.

If there's a day of the week when we most commonly have plans outside of work, it's Thursday - the day that is practically synonymous with happy hour.

This wedge combines the classics and plays them up with an air of whimsy - complete with pebbled dot leather in black and white, and a delicate, nude, ankle-tie. In the office, it adds the perfect touch to a signature pencil skirt or skinny jeans. When you're on weekend time, this pair just screams for a breezy sundress or crisp, white shorts.

$395.00 at Loeffler Randall

CL by Laundry Infinity Floral Wedge Sandal

Friday: Finally.

TGIF. Yes, being productive on Fridays is hard. But you can taste the weekend... likely a concotion of sunshine, curbside brunches, and carefree feelings. Let loose with your shoe game with this fun wedge that shows off a tropical floral print without the tackiness. The black straps help balance the busy pattern for a shoe that is guaranteed to garner you compliments from your fellow office bees and have a prized spot in your shoe closet for day-to-night wear.

$49.99 at Chinese Laundry (see website for sale price)


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