June 5, 2023

Hot! Restaurants You’ve Got to Try in Mexico City

Mexico City is the largest city and the capital of Mexico and the most populated city in North America with over 9.2 million residents. This historic city has been occupied since 9,500 BC and has a plethora of archaeological sites and museums to learn more about it. But many people visit Mexico City just for the food. 

If you think Mexico City just has tacos and burritos, you will be pleasantly surprised at all of the delicious delights you can find there. Some of these include Barbacoa de Borrego (a slow-cooked lamb dish) and Tlacoyos (masa cakes stuffed with cheese and beans). Drop off your shopping bags and heavy items at a Mexico City bag storage site and go eat!

Breakfast Spots

  • El Cardenal

Breakfast at El Cardenal is a tradition, and the chefs want to be sure every bite is just as delicious as the one before it. Some of the specialties include enchiladas michoacanas, huevos revueltos a la cazuel, and their Spanish omelet with escamoles. But they also have baked pastries for those with a sweet tooth. 

  • Café La Blanca

Since 1915, Café La Blanca has been delighting Mexico City with decadent delights. In fact, their menu boasts over 100 items from apple pastries to omelet con queso. You can get eggs in 12 different ways, five kinds of hotcakes, and pan breads in seven varieties. Or try their banana cornflakes and oats with milk.

  • Chilakillers 

Chiakillers are small pieces of fried tortillas doused in homemade salsa and topped with just about anything you can imagine. The spiciness is rated from one pepper to three peppers with the one being the Lone Star and the MLK with habanero sauce as the hottest. They also have 27 toppings and 15 sides!

  • Clara Y Ema

For the best egg sandwich in Mexico City, head over to Clara Y Ema. With seven varieties, you will have a hard time choosing. The Clara is the star with egg, bacon, and cheddar. And the Manolo has two scrambled eggs, serrano ham, and cheddar. They also have a papaya bowl, cinnamon oats, and sweetbreads.

Lunch Cafés

  • Cafeteria Anton

Whether you want a greasy burger with fries, lasagna with queso cheese, or pasta fusilli, Cafeteria Anton is one of the top lunch cafés in the city. How about salmon bagels or quiche Lorraine? They have that too. And their list of desserts is impressive with seven to choose from including brownies and carrot cake. 

  • El Beneficio Café

For a five-star lunch in a casual café, try El Beneficio Café. They boast 10 different styles of sandwiches with dozens of toppings. The rib eye tacos and pasta de la casa are both amazing. They also have 28 dessert choices of desserts and live music

  • Café El Popular

The name says it all because Café El Popular is truly popular. If the locals eat there, you know it has to be good. They are known for their enchiladas Verde de Pollo and the pan dulce. But it can be very crowded so try coming between meals. Have the crispy mashed potato tacos for something different.

  • Passport Café  

Passport is a fantastic café with excellent food and friendly people. The staff treats you like family and the diners all seem to be happy. The ambiance is just great. The avocado toast is unbelievable, and they offer dozens of coffee and tea choices that you will never forget. Try the chocolate cake for dessert.

Dining in Style

  • Maximo

Maximo is one of the finest eateries in Mexico City with a variety of food choices. From fried chicken or octopus tostadas for a starter to striped bass with cactus leaf salad or duck breast for your entrée, you will be in heaven throughout your meal. And their desserts include tiramisu, mamey cake, or chocolate pie.

  • Pujol

Creating unique dishes from local ingredients is what Pujol is known for. Their tasting menu is divine with amberjack ceviche, stone box crab, eggplant negro, grilled octopus, mole Madre, and fig tamal. Or try the Omakase menu with the kampachi tacos, tostada campechana, Huitlacoche tacos, crab sope, and octopus tacos.

  • Quintonil

For a special meal in a delightful setting, check out Quintonil. The main specialties include duck with black chichilo, picanha with cocopaches chorizo, braised oxtail in black recado, or atocpan-style mole. They also have a catch of the day barbacoa style and dry-aged duck. For dessert, try the chocolate tart or mamey fruit.  

  • sud777 

The tasting menu at sud777 has 14 courses including dishes like live abalone with chili sauce, achiote tamale, mussels in two reductions, and Bougainville macaroni. Or they have turkey, duck breast, beef tongue, pork rib, smoked kampachi, and wagyu burgers. Dessert is opera cake or smoked banana.

Dessert Delights

  • Neveria Roxy

Neveria Roxy has several locations in Mexico City to choose from, known for having the best ice cream in town. The Mexican style nieve is a water-based ice cream made with fruit, no milk at all. The flavor is tremendous! They come in 13 flavors like mango and melon. They also have 18 flavors of regular ice cream.

  • El Moro

If you are a churro lover but never had one in Mexico, you have to go to El Moro because you have not had them like this! Get crispy churros or churros dipped in chocolate or Baileys. You can also get moritos, malts in several flavors, or ice cream in six flavors. Or get a mini-ice cream sandwich with any flavor.

  • Cupcakeria

Since most of what they do is cupcakes, you know Cupcakeria knows what they are doing. They have 18 different styles like lemon blueberry, mocha, red velvet, dulce de leche, brownie cheesecake, and choco berries. Or try the choco banana, crumbs de Manzana, or one of their brownies or chocolate chip cookies. 

  • Boca Restaurante de Postres

Looking for something special and elegant? Go to Boca. Prepared with the freshest ingredients, their menu and toppings depend on what is in season. You can get a small cake with a design of different fruits, chocolates, or other decadent delights. You will need your phone to take pics of these masterpieces.

Whether you are in Mexico City for one day on business or a couple of weeks’ vacation, be sure to try some of these highly-rated eateries. Many of them serve authentic Mexican cuisine so you can taste the local flavors while you are there. 






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