February 25, 2021

Hot! La Venue Celebrates its Second with Anniversary “A Green Summer’s Night”

On Tuesday I walked down 28th street heading to my first outing for the night.  La Venue (French for “The Venue”) was hosting its two year anniversary celebration with the theme “A Green Summer’s Night.”  As I walked it started raining, but I arrived at “La Venue” before the serious water started flowing.  The space is massive, with a very grand feel.  High ceilings, wood floors and pillars, with solid brick walls surrounding you.  They made sure to keep the décor light so everyone would have space and not feel crowded the way most venues feel in this city.  Unfortunately the rain put a damper on the festivities and most likely many guest took a detour back home.  The first thing I did when I walked in and scoped the room was head straight to the free massage area compliments of SPArties, a mobile day spa. I sipped on my organic green tea and spent ten minutes being pampered.

After the massage I made my way through to the other rooms to see what other festive “green” activities the night had to offer.  I helped myself to another drink and carefully walked across the room so my heels would not snag through the wood boarding “again.”  I reached the room of all rooms, which held the catered cheese and a beautiful red meat slicer.  The butcher asked me if “I’d like some prosciutto”, and I told him to give me a sample of each piece of meat and cheese they had.  I received my plant and was courted by a reporter/writer, a gentleman with the wildest blonde curly hair I have ever seen.  We talked and decided to keep each other company and walked through the rooms surveying the crowd.  We came across the do it yourself photo booth and took advantage of the short line. After we took as many pictures of funny faces as we could desire. I decided to say goodbye to my new crazy haired friend and depart the night was young and still held many adventures to conquer.


Amoy Barnes

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