September 26, 2021
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy for Under $20: The Silver Soap by Cor

Cor The Silver Soap

Now when it comes to soap, I’m usually pretty adventurous – switching it up with different brands and scents. After hitting the beach this weekend in my itty bitty polka-dot bikini, I’m so glad I got my hands on The Silver Soap by Cor prior to my trip to the shore. The soap helped reduce the appearance of my pores and left my entire body feeling dewy-fresh… not to mention that it’s also formulated to protect against UV exposure!

As the brand describes, “The starting point of Cor’s skincare line is that our products contain the patented formula of Nano-Silver with Silica Compound.” Among the The Silver Soap’s key ingredients are Chitosan, a natural fiber that helps even out skin tone and balance oil levels, as well as Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates and keeps skin smooth.

Give the trial size ($15.00) of The Silver Soap a whirl – it conveniently lasts for anywhere between a week to 10 days of regular use, enough time to see how much more nourished your skin will feel.

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