June 7, 2023

Hot! Summer Fashion Trends to Try


The last few months has seen several Fashion Weeks come and go; some more important than others. We have seen styles from new talents and the more established names and it has been as colourful as ever. As is usually the norm, the fashion shows dictate what trends we will have over the course of this summer. We have selected some of the best so you can start getting on board the train in earnest.

Psychedelic lace

This is basically about picking the strangest and brightest colors and mixing them together. Some of the colors mixed are acid green, fuchsia, yellow and orange. The results are explosive and impressive. The multicolor lace, as championed by Christopher Kane, has an air of boldness about it. It is the perfect way to look energetic as you trudge around over the summer.  


S has been the main focus alphabet in the fashionista world for a while now but X is here to take its place, as many designers have it proudly displayed on the chest. As was the case with the former trend, characters sporting this X trend now dot the web landscape. You can even find them on gaming websites, including some of the best bingo sites like www.bingosweets.com. The letter is formed by crossing suspenders, carrying two bags at the same time to cross the shoulder straps, and of course through graphical printing on the top.  A trend that will be very strong on this front is the use of coloured plastic to form the X cross on mini-dresses.

Bow at waist

The knot was the main attraction in many fashion events last year. The bow is considered its natural successor.  Getting in the bow groove is super simple. All you need is a belt or a strip of fabric. This detail can transform an otherwise ordinary look into something special.


The sleeves trend this summer year is special because there is no middle ground. You either go completely strapless or you have sleeves that are wide and spacious in a manner that is reminiscent of sleeves from the 17th century.

Orange crush

If you are on the lookout for a bold color that will ensure you stand out, orange is the color you should go for. Blondes, brunettes, dark hair? No matter, you can look great in it too.  For a total look and as a statement piece, you can go with a coat. Otherwise, you can simply go with a blouse.

So those are some of the emerging trends that could well become mainstays in your wardrobe this summer.


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