March 25, 2019

Hot! Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2012

We have been fans of designer Bibhu Mohapatra ever since since our first meeting, not only was he engaging but he was also so lovely and that’s always a plus.  And, called us biased but we find his resort collection absolutely breathtaking. It’s a mixture of classic cocktails dress mixed with casual clothing yet its surprisingly cohesive.  We are charmed with this collection, and of course Mohapatra who told us his Indian background seeps through in unexpected manners through colors, textures, and techniques but blended and infused with contemporary Western styles and shapes and body types. Most of the time that influence is not that literal but its very subtle and it helps me to see things a little differently.”  But the results are very fashion lovers dream.

Take a look at the collection (Images thanks Bibhu Mohapatra)


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