September 26, 2021
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Hot! UGG Debuts New Men’s Shop

It seems men are not entirely content shopping for their sheepskin lined boots in the presence of women, we can’t say we blame them, and it seems UGG is answering their prayers.  The company is launching a Men’s shop to “make men feel more comfortable,” shopping for boots. The shop is exclusively stocked with manly wares such as shoes, shirts and jackets.

Last night, we got a peeked at the shop (on 58 and Madison) where spokesman Tom Brady was in attendance. As you would imagine, Brady was flanked by fans, and reporters alike; in case you’re wondering: Yes, he is HOT in real life but back to the store. The space is fairly well presented. The guy in your life will have an easy time finding his favorite pair of UGGs and really that’s all that matters.

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