June 6, 2023

Hot! Best Home Improvements for Minimalist Living

The key to minimalist living is choosing quality over quantity. And when you want to improve your home for function, it is important to search for fixes that can solve multiple problems at once. While this may seem like an easy ideology to follow, it can be difficult in practice. Let’s consider some of the best home improvements for minimalist living below.

1. Transform Furniture into Storage
One of the ways to reduce the volume of stuff in your home is to convert a footstool, for example, into a hollowed-out storage compartment. The more that you can do to get that clean and spacious look by taking advantage of bulk materials that take up space, the easier your minimalist lifestyle goals will be to achieve. Adding shelves to a closet can also maximize the value of the space if it would otherwise remain relatively empty.
2. Install a Hard Water Filter System
Installing a hard water filter system for the whole house eliminates the need to treat individual areas with hard water conditioners and stain removers. The effects of hard water vs soft water on clothes and dishes, alone, makes the upgrade worthwhile. This will also reduce the build-up of deposits in your pipes because the water is pretreated. Hard water is also bad for cooking and can leave a greasy residue on dishes and even your body when you shower. If you are having problems with getting the right hairstyle look, it may be attributable to hard water.
3. Remove Your Rugs
Rugs add excessive labor to housekeeping. It is hard to get deep into the fibers to really clean carpets. You won’t notice the difference until you have your carpet professionally shampooed and remember how it looked when it was new. Ripping out carpets and using a hardwood floor to maximize space is the best way to achieve that minimalist look. If you suffer from allergies, your sinuses will also thank you.
4. Motion Detection Lighting
If you switch out your old lighting systems and replace them with systems that operate on motion detection, you will save electricity. You will never forget to put the light out in a room after leaving it. Motion detection lighting represents the epitome of minimalism because it provides just the right volume of light when you need it. And the fact that it is effortlessly switched on and off makes it easy to glide through each room without exerting excessive effort.
5. Install a Fold-Up Bed
Installing a bed that will fold up into the wall helps to free space for other activities when you are not using it. By using this minimalist approach, you can add extra bedding or downsize your living space entirely. They use these methods in Japan. The Japanese are some of the leaders in using minimalist home improvements because the space is so limited.

Achieving a home that is designed for a minimalist living requires a lot of consideration. You have to think long and hard before you buy any upgrades or accessories for your home. Looking at tiny houses, yachts, RVs, and apartments in Japan can help you to think outside the box and figure out ways to maximize any space. Decluttering is one of the key goals of minimalistic living. The more that we have, the more that we have to take care of with dusting, cleaning, and general upkeep.

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