March 24, 2019

Hot! Kate Walsh Chats about her Boyfriend

Do you remember the scent of that boyfriend who made you feel special, sexy and wanted? It doesn’t even matter who broke up with whom because the thought of that special scents still makes you smile. And, though you two are no longer an item you still miss his scent? I think many of us can say yes including Private Practice actress Kate Walsh, who recently launched a perfume aptly (it launched on Valentine’s day) named Boyfriend dedicated in part to an ex-flame.

We recently caught up with the red haired beauty (and nicest person ever) at the Greenwich Hotel, where she chatted with us about her new fragrance, why hers is “non your typical celebrity fragrance” and boyfriends (of course)!

Kate Walsh, who become a household name in part because of her role of Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy, explained Boyfriend was a labor of love and hard work. She unlike, many of celebrity endorsed scents (most of which are back by major brands such as Coty) is funding the entire thing with her own money. And, guess where she got that idea from? If you guessed an ex-boyfriend, you win a prize. The The entrepreneurial actress has plans to expand the line with a yearly V-day launch of a Boyfriend scent. Hey at least you can count on having a Boyfriend every year thanks Kate Walsh.

P.S. If you love her as much, stay tuned to her HSN appearance scheduled for July 30.

Here’s a hilarious commercial for Boyfriend starting Kate Walsh

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