February 1, 2023
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Hot! Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment – A God Send

Miss Jessie Rapid RecoveryMiss Jessie’s is widely known for wonderful products that moisturize, strengthen, and provide definition to curly hair. As an African American woman in the process of transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to my natural tightly curled hair, Miss Jessie’s has been a God send. My favorite product thus far is Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment. This deep conditioning cream is amazing for both my relaxed hair and my natural hair, making for an ideal product to help me through the transition process from chemically treated hair to fully natural hair.

I use my regular conditioner in conjunction with Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment, as this deep conditioning product seems to work best in conjunction with my regular hair care routine – I don’t need to change my regimen, simply add this product once every week or so.

The cream has a sweet, alluring, biting scent that truthfully was like an aphrodisiac to my boyfriend. He couldn’t keep his hands out of my locks! It smells pretty strong in its pure cream form, but don’t be fooled. Once your hair is rinsed and dried, the smell is sensuously and subtly perfect. My hair always thanks me by being manageable, soft, shiny, and easily to style. That is a lot to ask of hair that is in transition – good thing Miss Jessie’s came to my rescue!

Want to find it the product at Miss Jessie’s site.

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Melanie Meadows

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