January 28, 2023
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Hot! YRB Hold its Annual World Famous Party and We Take You There.


YRB held its annual party at the newly renamed M2 lounge to much fan fare and excitement from previous year attendees. To say that that this party had a great deal of hype is understatement. Everyone was raving about the amazing time they had the previous year.  The anticipation was so great that many arrived to the party early to discover that the party was starting an hour late.  Of course the disappointment experienced by noticeable angry crowd about the late start was short lived once the doors opened at nine. Everyone made their way to many of the activities scattered through the cavernous M2 lounge.  And, I got to say that the party lived up to all the hype.

As soon as the doors open many of most daring(well crazy to me) party goers made a bee line to the tattoo section. Yes, YRB was anyone on hand an opportunity to obtain a complimentary tattoo. How crazy is that? Who goes to a party to get a tattoo? Apparently, lots of folks are as observed by  the line at that section which was INSANE.  I heard minor scuffles breakout but I for one was not around to see it. I was too busy enjoying the activities.  There were some artists painting in huge canvas in typical graffiti style.  That was actually an interesting addition to the party I can’t believe how focused those artists were. Now, if that wasn’t enough to do it still wasn’t over as there was also a picture booth. I would love to see what those pictures looked like towards the end of the night.  And the most of all where the hot dog cart scattered through the party where people where able to grab their very own hot dogs.

The crowd enjoyed all activities while treated to a special ‘gang’ of rotating celebrity DJ spinning their trademarks tunes throughout the night as promised in the invitation. The DJ’s included Flunkmaster Flesh among others but most notably(at least to me) was DJ Cassidy whom I love and I must say was pleasantly surprised when I saw his trademark white hat on the turn table.

There was an amazing dance performance that seem to start out of nowhere and with no warning that was fun and exciting to watch. That being said the best part of the evening was the performance by Busta Rhymes. Having seem him perform in the past, I know that he can deliver an amazing show and deliver he did. He played some of his most well now songs in the short set such as put your hands where my eyes can see  and his new song of the new album. He along with Spliff Star rocked the house. When he came out the audience was on FIRE and energy in the room was unbelievable, exciting and electric. I was lucky enough to have a great view of the performance thanks to my handy VIP bracelet which made the performance that more enjoyable.  I had so much fun that I didn’t get home till four the morning and was exhausted but such is my life.

If you were lucky to have gotten a white bracelet you would have had opportunity to mingle with rapper Soulja Boy, MTV Veejays Sway and Kudos,  DJ’s Cassidy and many other celebrity in the jam packed section would receive a gift bag included wife beaters, tee shirts, sunglasses, a fun plaid hat, and a key chain. All in all, an amazing time was had. Props to the event organizers for such a fun event  for now I can say I understand the hype. I already can’t till next year.

Lorna Solano

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