March 31, 2023
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Hot! Premarital Counseling: Why You Should Consider It

There are many benefits to attending couples therapy before marriage and if you are newly engaged you can take advantage of it. Even if you feel like you have no current problems in your relationship, counseling can be a great idea to help couples communicate, solve problems effectively, and even get to know each other on a deeper level. Don’t wait until your marriage is in trouble to see a therapist, counseling is something you can be proactive about to achieve success. In fact, according to health research funding, couples who go through premarital counseling have a 30% higher marriage success rate than couples who don’t attend. So, if counseling is something you have considered, follow along for reasons you should give it a go! 

Learn To Communicate 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful marriage. You and your spouse should be able to openly communicate about anything whether that is challenges in your personal life, how your day went, or financial decisions. You work as a partnership after you decide to tie the knot, meaning you should consult with your husband or wife before you make any huge decisions or have problems with how they are behaving. An experienced counselor can help you with that!

Wedding Planning Stress

Let’s be honest here, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. You have to think about many different aspects of the wedding– including the guest list, food menu, and venue. When planning, you also need to make sure you are both in agreement with what you are deciding. There are many steps in the planning process that can be challenging! Maybe your partner is trying to find the best wedding website but needs to save money on this portion. They can discuss this in therapy and relay that it’s stressing them out, while you can help them find free wedding websites. Sometimes it takes another perspective or a helping hand in the process. As things arise, you can have the proper outlet to discuss these issues during a session.

Comfortably Discuss Finances 

Money is a common reason for divorce or trouble in a relationship. Marriage counseling prior to marriage is helpful for discussing financial goals and compromise. Do you plan on sharing a bank account from now on? Buying a house soon? What is a financial goal for your career or future? It is important for a newly engaged couple to be able to discuss finances comfortably. Other topics like student debt or recurring bills should also be brought up. Sometimes, couples have fear surrounding money, and talking about it openly– counseling can help eliminate some of those hesitations. 

Discuss Potential Problems

Attending premarital counseling will help you and your partner identify potential problems in the relationship. Is your partner the jealous type? Do you have to travel a lot for work? Do you need to plan for a family? Thinking about problems or compromises that may need to take place in the future can mentally prepare you both for what’s to come. If you have something that is in the back of your mind, it is important to bring it up. Anger issues, addictions, or past relationships should also be talked about if it’s crucial to your future. 

Discuss Expectations 

Whether you have already been living with this person or you are going to move in together after you tie the knot, you should discuss expectations. Do you expect them to take care of dinners or paying the bills? Would you prefer to share the duties? Will you be moving for them or planning a family? Issues can arise with next steps in the marriage very easily. For example, if you had the idea of having children after a year of marriage while the other person wants to wait at least 5 years, this may catch you off guard. You will need to relay your expectations for the future together!!

Prevent Future Problems And Foster Happiness 

Once finished, you will be happy that you spent time working on your relationship. The stronger you are together prior to marriage, the better! 

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