June 3, 2023

Hot! Hot Beauty: nügg Face Masks


The makers of nügg face masks are about to change the beauty game with the recent launch of their single package face products that are not only effective and light but wallet friendly. “nügg’s vision is to provide approachable and affordable luxury skin care that is truly effective and good for your skin- all of this in the form of nuggets of natural goodness!,” explains Sophie Hynes, nügg’s Senior brand manager on the new products. The line includes six mask targeting ailments such as parched skin and stressed skin as well as an anti-aging mask. While the products target a different problem area they all hydrate and soothe the skin.

The masks which include such powerful ingredients as glycerin, Aloe Juice, cranberry and others, are conveniently packaged in tiny little pods that makes them travel friendly, portable and most importantly easier to sample. As someone who tries products daily, I am so happy with this packaging. I am only using what I need and when I need it. So, I don’t have to worry about using the product within a certain amount before its no longer effective. As for the product (you can apply them together), I gave the deep cleansing and soothing mask a test run and I was so thrilled with the results. The deep cleansing mask does sting a little but its not uncomfortable or unbearable, it just feels like its working. While the soothing mask feels so calming and relaxing.

Each masks retails $2.99 or $14.95 for a five-piece multi-pack.  They are available at Target stores and at nüggbeauty.com

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