October 16, 2018

Hot! Gallery Beauty Report: All About Pink Polish

Pink polishes are cute and look natural. And, the array of pink polishes that are available is ridiculous for example — there are bubble gum bright pinks, or day glow pinks. Essie, it seems, has mastered the pink polish dilemma with their incredible selections including “Van D’go”; while Color Club has the “All About French” collection that includes beautiful pinks, creams and whites. I have become a bit of a pink polish connoisseur. Here are my top pink picks! — Tania Jen


Nars Orgasm

This coral pink is a fun bright color. It adds a lot of sparkle and fun to your nails and compliments anyone's complexion.


Color Club Little Miss Paris

Dainty! Dainty! Dainty! This color is a "chalky" pink. It’s light in color but still opaque. This polish goes with anything.

Essie Van D'go

Van D'go adds pop to your nails. This peachy pink polish is extremely sexy and classy. It doesn't go with everything, but gives nails a fun but not crazy bright pink look.

Essie Ballet Slipper
This is a true classic! This has been my go to pink for many years. Its light enough to almost look like I have no polish on but still gives a great hue of pink. I love this polish and was told by my manicurist that its the #1 color brides get for their wedding day.

Essie Sugar Daddy
I adore the name just about as much as I love the color. A little like Ballet Slipper, Sugar Daddy holds it own as a light natural pink. It gets darker with each coat, so you have the choice of how deep or light you want your pink to be. This is my everyday "sophisticated" pink.

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