March 20, 2023
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Hot! A Plethora of Impressive Brands at Beautypress Spotlight Day

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At last week’s Beautypress’s Spotlight Day at Midtown Loft, an event that features emerging beauty and skincare brands, we were lucky to rub elbows with fellow beauty brand enthusiasts as well as makeup and hair artists and skincare experts. The event began with a refreshing glass of champagne garnished with a candied hibiscus flower – we immediately felt pampered. And rightfully so, as the event – set up much like a mini beauty conference, was bustling with attendees bouncing from table to table sampling products and interviewing experts.

We began at Balanced Guru, a wellness brand that employs ancient Eastern wisdom and modern scientific research to develop facial, body, hair, spa, and energetic products to pamper the whole you – body and soul. Their line of aromatherapy products is particularly impressive.

We then moved to Brocato Hair Care. The line featured an impressive line of products, including a very interesting styling tool: a flat iron that heats and vibrates for optimal hair straightening.

While we enjoyed getting pampered, we particularly enjoyed speaking with Juliet Stewart about her beauty and wellness company, which is specifically dedicated to reinforcing the power of a woman’s inner beauty. Her very sexy scent Juliet is absolutely enchanting. Juliet Stewart was on hand to do eyebrow shaping, and we watched as guests were absolutely transformed by a simple shaping and filling in of the eyebrows.

“Always at least do your eyebrows and your lips. Your eyebrows frame the face, and the lips provide balance,” she says.

Eve Pearl provided make up services for guests, making over guests in a snap. Her signature product, the Salmon Concealer, was added to an already flawless makeup foundation to brighten and give a natural glow.

Guests ended the evening by participating in a raffle with amazing prizes such as a $400 gift card to Bloomingdales, and who doesn’t love Bloomies?! Additionally, Eve Pearl, Brocato Hair, PretendTAN, I Coloniali, Mistura, Balanced Guru, Columbia, Juliet Stewart, Being True and Osense showcased products.


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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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