June 6, 2023

Hot! This at Home Removal System is a Game Changer…


The market for home depilatory systems is increasingly getting crowded with solutions that only work for some and people with darker skin tones left with fewer options. However, this is soon to change with the recent release of Iluminage Precise Touch ($295). The new device,  available at Sephora, is currently the only personalized at-home permanent hair removal system cleared by the FDA to treat all skin tones. Like most devices in the market, the Precise Touch, aims to remove unwanted hair — from body parts such as the underarm are, bikini line and face (upper lip, side burns and chin). The makers claim that after six treatments, you will see results. The treatment is a light pulse (with three settings) that delivers proprietary elōs technology. The breakthrough technology combines Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies which creates a powerful delivery system that in the end offer users a powerful, yet safe and pain free to remove hair. The result is smooth and hair free skin.

What’s more in addition safely removing hair on darker skin tones, Precise Touch is also clinically proven to work on the widest range of hair colors. If that wasn’t enough, for those daring enough the device can work as a full body removal system. Not bad for the price, we say. 

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