September 19, 2021
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Hot! That Time I learned Erykah Badu is a Killer D.J. at Vulture Festival

Vulture Festival Opening Night PartyI’ve loved Erykah Badu music since I was a teenager but it seems, I need to do a better job at keeping updated on the adventures of my loved ones. For example, last night at the kick-off celebration–held at Neuehouse–for the first Vulture Festival, I learned that Erykah Badu, is a killer D.J, though if we are being honest that should be so surprising.  D.J. Low Down Loretta Brown (a.k.a Erykah Badu) was joined by Dylan McDermott, Christiane Seidel, Jackie Miranne, Dave Holmes and DJ Beverly Bond.  And like me, these special guest (especially Dylan McDermott) jammed to the dance inducing musical selection spunned by Erykah.

As you would imagine, was the greatest time. I also learned (from her sometime raunchy curated tunes) that D.J. Low Down Loretta Brown is pretty. She also is not afraid of throwing a curse word here and here and she looks really good in big hats. And, P.S. Seven, her oldest son is now 17. Sleep on that.

Below is a snap of Erykah on the turntable.

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