December 12, 2018

Hot! Tia Mowry Shares Tips on Creating a Glamorous Mother’s Day Experience


Tia Mowry, actress and mom to an adorable boy, welcomed a rarefied group of beauty types to an intimate brunch featuring a delicious assortment of light bites and conversation. During the event, which was hosted in partnership with Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre’s, Mowry shares a slew of tips to pamper moms during Mother’s Day. “On Mother’s Day, I like to make brunch feel extra special by adding a bit of glamour to the everyday,” she told us during the brunch. “Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre is the perfect gift for the woman who wants to add glamour to her day.”

Additionally, Mowry, who stars in The Cooking Channel series Tia Mowry at Home  and Nickelodeon’s Instant Mom,” partnered with Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre as a Brand Ambassador to share her tips and recipes for a glamorous Mother’s Day experience. Here are  some of the tips she shared to pamper your mama on Sunday or if you’re a mother ideas to pamper yourself.

· This year, I’m going to cook one of my favorite meals with my son, my famous banana pancakes and also make my favorite brunch cocktail – a mango Bellini!

· A fun mother’s day tip is to put your favorite beverage – plain OJ or a favorite fruit smoothie in a champagne glass for special occasions to amp up the glamour!

· I love spas, and this Mother’s Day will also be making my own spa water with cucumbers and berries to create that really luxurious and relaxing vibe at home.

· For Mother’s day, I like to take my PJs up a notch and wear my silk robe, cute slippers and a piece of fabulous jewelry to make the day feel glamorous.

· A manicure is also a must for me! It’s a great way to pamper yourself (and mom!) and take some ‘me’ time.

· But most importantly, it’s about how you feel. For me, White Diamonds Lustre makes me feel as glamorous as the woman who created it Elizabeth Taylor. And it’s a simple way to wear diamonds every day. The sheer, floral and citrus scent makes me feel so feminine.

· If you want to make your Mother’s Day glamorous, White Diamonds Lustre is the perfect gift. It’s also wonderful because it’s a gift that gives back – and giving is glamorous! A portion of the proceeds go towards The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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