July 20, 2018

Hot! Diddy Celebrates (and gets paid to do so) W Hotel in Hoboken

After our quick stop at the Madewell launch party, we traveled very far-far away and headed to New Jersey (okay maybe far away is a stretch). This past Wednesday (April 27) the entire cast of Jerseylicious and Jersey Shore and by cast we totally means locals, descended to the W Hotel in Hoboken to toast the Chandelier Room. The special room, with its plush white coaches and dazzling accents, celebrated its second birthday with a bevy of guests who seemingly wore their “Sunday Best.” The fete which was decidedly a grand affair featured DJ Cassidy manning tables, a special performance from Swizz Beatz; and headliner Diddy who despite receiving huge sums of money ($150,000 to be exact) was inexplicably confused why he is there and shouted to the crowd “Let’s officially open the roof at the W!” Um.. Diddy, it opened two years ago. Too much Circoc we know it happens to be the best off.

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