December 12, 2018

Hot! Gallery Earth Day Inspired Beauty Buys to Perfect Your Pout


Happy Earth Day, beauties! We may not give it much thought on a daily basis, but the products– skincare, makeup, and in between– that we put on our faces seeps into our pores and gets very literally consumed when we’re talking about lipsticks and stains.

In honor of Earth Day, we’re paying homage to the mantra of doing good for the planet by cherishing its natural wonders in the form of the safe and effective ingredients found in our roundup of lip products. Because, hey, if you’re going to put it on your lips, it should be good for you in more ways than one. And at the very least, leave you with a baby soft pout, like the one pictured above.

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VMV Hypoallergenics Glitz Lipstick in World Peace

Our friends at VMV have named this lipstick adorably after a valiant concept: world peace. On the outside, this shade leaves a sheer, shimmery finish that is a perfect complement to a natural look. On the inside, the lipstick is chock full of virgin coconut oil to keep lips moisturized and green tea for the ultimate antioxidant benefits. No parabens, fragrances, waxes, or phthalates found here!

$24 at VMV Hypoallergenics

Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm

We enjoy having options - and there are more than a few playful options in the form of lip balm from Kiss My Face. The "flavors" all sound so yummy (with the Coconut Pineapple being our original favorite), such as Sliced Peach and Passion Fruit. At this price point, why would you bother putting anything less than organic on your lips? The formula combines antioxidant fruit seed oils with aloe vera for a refreshingly creamy finish to protect and heal dry lips.

$2.09 at Kiss My Face

ACURE Lip Lush

Admittedly, we tend to always start off skeptical when it comes to lip glosses (must be from being scarred during our tween years from cheap, sticky lip gloss - yuck). This Lip Lush kicks that stigma's butt with its organic, luscious goodness. The two powerhouse ingredients (which are commonly found in ACURE's other products) are argan oil and echinacea stem cell - together they keep lips pristine and pretty, never with any stickiness. Date Worthy is our personal favorite.

$7.99 at ACURE Organics

ACURE Lip Balm Dark Chocolate + Mint

ACURE... so good it made it on this list twice! Where has this lip balm been all our lives? With a combination like dark chocolate and mint, it's almost a guilty pleasure. But don't worry - there's nothing guilty about it - argan oil makes its appearance in this USDA certified organic balm (which smells delicious).

Plus, 100% of ACURE's lip balm profits are donated to Breast Cancer Research. Sweet deal!

$3.99 at ACURE Organics

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick

There hasn't been anything we've tried from this brand that hasn't quickly replaced some of our prior non-natural products. That says a lot. This lipstick delivers all the color without the harmful ingredients -- since the color actually comes from real fruit pigments! The super concentration of shea butter and pomegranate oil ensure lips won't dry out while you have the lipstick on.

$25.00 at 100% Pure

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick

With a reputation for holistic skincare, Dr. Hauschka of course has a nature-friendly option for lips too. Much like our experience with the brand's facial and hand creams, this balm is rich and has a medicinal aura to it. so you can reach for the heavy duty formula while on the go. Shea butter, beeswax, and almond oil work together to shield sensitive lips from chapping.

$15.00 at

Vapour Organic Siren Lipstick

Going organic or natural doesn't have to mean sacrificing trends. Vapour Organics' line of moisturizing, long wearing lipstick includes a variety of on-trend shades, like the violent one pictured here (called "Vibe"). There's a melange of botanical ingredients that make up this formula, including jojoba oil, lemon balm, rosebuds, and more.

$25.00 at Vapour Organic

Eminence Organics Citrus Lip Balm

When it comes to pretty packaging, this lip balm takes the cake. The all-natural lip balm is housed in a sleek little dome. Inside, the formula contains a touch of peppermint oil that produces an ever so slight tingly sensation when applied. Sunflower seed, which is rich in vitamins, promotes a supple look and feel on the pout.

$24.00 at

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