February 19, 2019

Hot! Beauty Q&A: What is Organic Beauty?

When aesthetician Rianna Loving created her eco-friendly line Organic to Green, her products were packaged in donated, reusable glass – gathered from a community recycling program – from the very beginning. Her latest creation, ORGO 7 Serums, is a 7-day skincare system and comprehensive serum regimen.

With Earth Day coming up next week, we got 1-on-1 time with Rianna to get the scoop on your questions about organic beauty.

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ORGO 7 Serums

TFR: What is "organic" beauty vs. "green" beauty? Is there a difference?

Rianna: This is a great question! Organic normally refers back more to the ingredients while green usually refers back to the packaging.

"Organic" beauty is best described as products that are made of 100% organic or certified organic ingredients and could contain other natural ingredients but should not contain any harmful substances which would compromise the integrity of the overall organic product. There is a wide range of specific differences between brands and even between individual products within the same brand!

I, for one, never believe that even "natural fragrance" should be in a true organic product since fragrance is not natural, and unless it is an essential oil, it's synthetic and can be used as an umbrella term to mask several harmful ingredients. The same can be said for brands who offer these special proprietary natural complex which they come up with some cool name to avoid defining it. Additional ingredients which can be added to "organic" beauty should come from nature and should not contain harmful ingredients, but they may also lack beneficial scientific ingredients recommended for more effective skincare.

"Green" beauty usually refers to a brand or products which are sustainable or offer a solution for protecting the environment. There are a variety of ways to make packaging more green. Some use recycled or reusable materials such as bottles made of part consumer post waste, some use more eco-friendly materials such as glass over plastic, and some might use soy based inks for silk screen printing over more harmful dyes that can down the line pollute the environment. So there are a lot of different ways to be more green when it comes to packaging.

TFR: Seven-day skincare systems seem to be an upcoming beauty trend. What sets this kind of regimen apart from traditional ones?

Rianna: As a licensed aesthetician in California, I work with women and consumers every day to help them make their skin look and feel more beautiful, healthy and radiant. I have noticed 1 of two trends. The 1st is half of my clients were not using a serum treatment product at all. The other half were using just 1 treatment product, and it was something peptide based for anti-aging; so they were applying more than necessary of one thing to their skin with 14 applications a week (AM & PM 7 days a week) while leaving their skin deficient of other essential lipids, antioxidants, etc. So my goal was to create the ultimate skin care treatment system of serums that could work with any cleanser or moisturizer that a consumer already uses daily so your skin is balanced. I also felt there was a need for less fillers in products, so all the serums in 7 serums are very concentrated.

One of them has 11 ingredients and that is due to 5 of the ingredients being peptides, but most of the others only have 5 or 6 six ingredients making them super concentrated.

TFR: Do you have a favorite serum out of the 7 included in ORGO 7 Serums?

Rianna: They are all amazing! But yes I do have a go to serum! I love the Saturday: Essential Protection Serum. Not just because it's my favorite day of our week, but because it contains a plant derived anti-inflammatory and offers a lipid barrier, so skin stays hydrated and protected from disease content agents. For this reason we thought it was a perfect fit for Saturday to help rejuvenate skin from your Monday through Friday week, and protect since you may spend more time outdoors, or up later at night. It feels amazing and could also be used as a moisturizer for those needed occasions. I use this one on all my clients after a facial to help their skin feel moisturized, healed and beautiful after the visit. Like I said, feel free to mix up according to your needs!

TFR: How should serums be used in combination with moisturizer, toner, and other products?

Rianna: Use ORGO 7 Serums after your cleansing step (the cleansing step would include your toner if you use one) but before your moisturizer.

7 Serums, as well as our upcoming products, are all meant to be versatile enough that you can easily use them with other staple products, brands and regimens you love or have already invested in. We are focusing on solutions to really help you.

ORGO 7 Serums is available for purchase on amazon.com and b-glowing.com.

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