April 10, 2021
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Hot! Gristle: from Factory Farms to Food Safety book release party

It was a festive night at Powerhouse Arena Tuesday night as everyone gathered for the release of the book Gristle: from Factory Farms to Food Safety written by Moby and Miyun Park.  An open bar of wine and champagne flowed and everyone mingled and browsed the array of books and photographs that filled the spacious floor of the Arena.  A particularly favorite drink for the night, Savia Viva Brut, tickled the taste buds of partygoers with it’s semi-dry yet fruity taste.  The night reached it’s peak when Moby and Miyun Park, along with contributors Paul Willis, Tom O’Hagan and Brendan Brazier, spoke to everyone who attended.  They were welcoming and thankful, yet the crowd was left wanting to hear more from the authors about the book Gristle, and few questions and insights were answered or revealed.

The book signing commenced immediately after this very brief chat. Gristle came about because of the need to end animal suffering.  Moby and Miyun Park are long time vegans who fight for the protection and safety of animals, wild and factory farmed. Moby did recognize his long time close friend, John Joseph, whose book Meat is for Pussies, is being released the end of this month.  Moby sighted it as a great read in conjunction with Gristle.  John Joseph has been a vegan for over thirty years, having started his vegan journey as a roadie security for the band Bad Brains in his early years.  His aim for the book, Meat is for Pussies, is toward men (yet women can find value in the book as well) to discredit the misnomer that you have to eat meat to be macho.  Both books aim to get you to rethink the meat you eat from two different perspectives.

It was a fun night in Dumbo at the Powerhouse Arena.  Though not a lot was revealed about the book, it was enlightening enough to make one want to delve into Gristle’s pages to discover the true contents of what you eat, and quite possibly, why you eat it.  Gristle: from Factory Farms to Food Safety is in stores now and look for Meat is for Pussies in stores by the end of the month.

Lori Richardson

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