June 6, 2023

Hot! Move Over Selfie Stick There’s a New Selfie Tool That Makes Taking Selfies Even Easier


Whether you want to admit it or night– selfies are here to stay. Sad, we know. Not surprisingly, tools (with some people going as far getting plastic surgery) to take better selfies are hitting the market and are remarkably doing well. For instance, last holiday season the selfie stick was one of the hottest gift of the season. And, with good reason– who doesn’t want to take excellent pictures in a snap? Naturally, more products that make taking perfect selfies easier are sprucing up.

One such is the Stylinity. The “selfie stage,”  which retails for $19.99, is a wall-mounted smartphone cradle that houses your phone as you take selfie.  With the Stylinity you choose how where place cradle on the wall so taking the perfect picture is painless and quick. But, that’s not that what sets the Stylinity apart from other selfie products, the stage also includes an app that helps creates shoppable selfie images. Now that’s WINNING!

To use the app just download the Stylinity app from iTunes or Google Play and tag any selfies with items featured (fashion, beauty products, furniture, etc.). Sharing that tagged image on social media could reap big rewards — if friends or followers click through and buy something, the sharer earns redeemable cash and products as well as access to exclusive experiences.

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