February 3, 2023
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Hot! Discovering the Chic Charms of Montreal

If you’re looking for a North American city that features the high-tech charms of the 21st century with a twist of old world decadence, then there’s few better examples than beautiful Montreal.

For many years, this charming Canadian city has attracted the more discerning tourist thanks to its atmospheric architecture, with close proximity to wonderful scenery, and dazzling nightlife options that include a legendary live music scene and Canada’s biggest casino.

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The key thing to remember about Montreal is that it’s the largest city in Quebec, and as such it has many wonderfully French themes to discover. A quick walk around the historic Old Town of Montreal will instantly showcase some of the city’s atmospheric charms with a fascinating selection of evocative cafes  rubbing shoulders with enough boutique stores to appease even the most ardent fashion aficionado.

Further old-school decadence can be found at the world-famous Casino de Montreal that’s located on the Notre Dame island. But if you’re too busy sight-seeing to head indoors, then it’s worth remembering that there’s the mobile-friendly Royal Vegas Casino site that delivers all of the table games of roulette, poker and blackjack that you’d expect, but from the convenience of a cellphone.



The way that Royal Vegas Casino have managed to successfully update traditional casino games with a particularly 21st century twist is also mirrored in Montreal’s futuristic skyline that is best witnessed by taking a trek up to Mount Royal city park that offers commanding views of this beautiful city.

Walking around Montreal is something that can be done with a surprising amount of ease compared to many North American cities. Whether it’s exploring the city’s fantastic summer markets, or checking out the high-end fashion retailers such as Boutique Lyla and Cahier d’Exercises that are dotted around the Rue Laurier area, it’s clear that Montreal natives are serious about enjoying the good things in life.

Further mention must also be made of Anthropologie that is a must for any fashionista who enjoys spending a good few hours looking for the perfect accessory amidst its boho-chic vintage fare that’s made its wondrous home in downtown Montreal.


And with many further attractions including the iconic Notre Dame Basilica providing the perfect location for a selfie, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts showcasing some seriously extravagant visual treats, it’s no wonder that this charming Canadian city is one of North America’s best kept secrets. — Thanks Ida


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