February 27, 2021

Hot! Around Town-11th Annual (Auto) Gala Preview

In the interest of full disclosure, I shall  let you know that I know little to nothing about cars. In fact, I don’t even have a license.  Though, my knowledge of cars is limited, I was thrilled to attend the 11th Annual Gala Preview hosted by the East Side House Settlement and held at the Jacob Javits Center.  The ticketed event ($150 for cocktails – $1,000 for dinner) allowed, car-loving guests and me, to preview a series of rare cars from NYC’s most exclusive and privately-owned cars collections along with 2010 automobiles and motorcycles models.  Additionally,  proceeds from the event support college scholarships and technology education for the residents of the South Bronx.

While guests studied and took pictures of the mind-blowing selection of cars, including the new Ashton Martin Radide, they sipped on wine from the many bars placed throughout the venue; and sampled hors d’oeuvres from Abigail Kirsh who also catered the dinner.

Like the other guests, I wandered around,  drink in hand, camera in other and attempted to learn about cars.  Sadly, with little success.  Though, I know (and learned) nothing about cars, I was impressed with what I saw.  The new Aston Martin for instance is one sexy car and for a moment I wished I was a rich-license holder to get my hands on it.  Until, I was bumped and returned to reality.


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