July 23, 2018

Hot! Behind the Scenes: H&M Fashion Against AIDS Campaign

H&M’s once again doing their Fashion Against AIDS collection. This year the collection is schedule to launch on April 26 at H&M stores around the country. And, like in years past H&M has pledged to donate 25% of sales youth HIV/AIDS projects around the world. Given the charitable initiative is no surprise the affordable and stylish retailer, successfully enlisted a bevy of A-list er to front the campaign.

Take at peek at behind-the-scenes images from the campaign , which include shots of Penn Badgley Akon, Ginnifer Goodwin, Selma Blair, Keri Hilson, Sky Ferreira, Shiloh Fernandez, Nikki Reed, and music groups Scissor Sisters and The Misshapes. During the shoot, staffers from H&M asked each participant to explain their involvement with the campaign. Read what they had to say:


·         Penn Badgley: “I think it’s good to keep young people, all people, aware about HIV. It’s something that’s it’s easy to forget about. It’s a serious issue and it affects so many people. It’s not just restricted to any community. The more awareness, the better and the safer we can all be. People need to be sensitive and safe, a lot of times it’s easy to let that go.”

·         Selma Blair: “When I was growing up, I thought we were all going to get AIDS – it was this big scary disease, but then it seems like people forgot about it, but the disease is still there and very much part of our lives. I think you just need to get people aware. It’s a disease that can be avoided. It’s especially tragic when our ignorance keeps us from safety.”

·         Ginnifer Goodwin: “HIV and AIDS are still growing problems and people lose sight of it. H&M and DAA have found such a hip and accessible way to educate our youth. I think it’s really important to remind people that it’s really cool to be safe.”

·         Keri Hilson: “I think that it’s very important that youth hear from other young people. It’s something I feel very strongly about. AIDS is something that if you have the knowledge, you can prevent it. It’s just choices, and if these kids aren’t aware of these choices, they can’t be held to account. I’m just using my platform to make them aware.”

·         Akon: “I’ve had a lot of friends who’ve been in the situation where their friends and family have been affected by HIV. As I travel the world, I see how much HIV affects people. It’s not like we have a cure for HIV, we only have prevention. Prevent it, so that you don’t ever have to worry about it. Ever.”

Images thanks to H&M



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