July 16, 2018

Hot! SoftSheen-Carson® Launches New Relaxer with 25% Less Sodium Hydroxide

SoftSheen-Carson®, the leading manufacturer of hair products for women of color, has launched the Optimum AdvancedTM Keratin Whipped Crème Relaxer System, which promises to gently tame the tresses of African-American hair.

Unlike other relaxers in the market, which tend to emit a foul odor and a burning feeling (we know it too well), this professional use system claims to be virtually orderless; And features a patented technology, Smart Lye which uses 25% less Sodium Hydroxide. As a result this system “significantly reduces damage and protects the health of the hair, said Johnny Wright, Celebrity Stylist and Artistic Style Director for SoftSheen-Carson. “It gives better hair fiber integrity which, as a stylist, means more styling options. It’s as simple as that.”

Johnny Wright with Hair Models

The Optimum AdvancedTM Keratin Whipped Crème Relaxer system, which is packaged in a pouch rather than a tub and has a mousse/foam consistency (also different than current relaxers as they feel like creams), also includes a Keratin Whipped Crème Relaxer, Ceramide Gel Scalp Protector, Keratin and pH Recovery Crème Conditioner, Keratin Recovery Neutralizing Shampoo Keratin Sealing Leave-In Conditioner.+ Oil Infusion™technology

The system is schedule to arrive in April 2011 for professional stylist at Full Service Distributors nationwide.

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