September 19, 2021
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Hot! A Great Way Find Your Next Beautician

Once when I was 14 I walked into my hair salon for my hebdomadal blowout. Something I’ve done countless of times without incident; this time, however, I decided I wanted to get bangs. The result was disastrous. The hairstylist rather than to trust her instinct, allowed me (did I say I was 14 and not completely rational?) to decide the length of my bags. My bangs (if you can call them that) were short and non-existent.  If I were the crying kind, I would have had tears for days instead I took it as a learning experience. And, from that day only a professional would touch my mane.

If you are like me, and won’t leave your locks to just anyone, might be your go to site to finding your next hairstylist., features over 37,000 stylists, colorists, manicurists, aestheticians and more, who have been reviewed by customers like you or me.  At the site, you can read reviews from people whose opinion you trust, you can see availability of your favorite hairstylist or aesthetician, and you can even book your appointment online. This make the process of finding a beautician that you can trust so much easier. Hopefully, eliminating the need to do a “test run” at a local salon.

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