April 22, 2021
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Hot! Must Have: CitySlips Comfy Shoes

You know that unbearable pain that so often happens after heavy night of partying because you wore “those” tragically fabulous 5’inch heels that you’ve spent a fortune on? And, what’s worse you’ve mysteriously decided to go flats “commando” because said flats didn’t fit into your clutch – so you are silently cursing yourself. WHY ME? I know it all too well.

Beauty is pain is pain, so I am told– but is it really? Ok, maybe it is but doesn’t mean you have to suffer longer then you have too. I was introduced to CitySlips, basically a shoe-pain-saver that helps ease the pain, from a heavy night of partying.  The shoes are tiny and compact sp they can fit into many purses and it comes with a cute bag to stash your heels.  What’s more the shoes are fairly inexpensive at $30.

NEED, I say more?  The shoes are available via their site.

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  1. Perfect! I was just wondering where to get something like this. I had to take cab home to avoid the pain from dancing all night in my sexy heels this weekend…but it was a grand time. I’m get these shoes.