June 6, 2023

Hot! Mitchell Black Candle – Sexy Sophistication

Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black is a brand known for a design aesthetic that uniquely enhances the atmosphere in your home spaces. So when I was gifted a Mitchell Black Candle, I expected nothing less than to be completely enchanted by the scent. It’s called Mitchell Black but I call it the sexy-man-smell candle. Because, oh my, it smells like the hug when your man is clean from the shower and wearing his tshirt just long enough to have lightly sweated his heavenly pheromones into the mix of shower freshness. It smells of sophistication and intoxication — it will make you clutch your pearls and cross your legs just so.

Made of soy wax with a lead free cotton wick, this candle has an 80 hour burn time and will keep your home smelling ever so luxurious and sexy. It combines the aroma of suede with undertones of spice for a scent that is warm and just earthy enough.

Word to the wise: If you are single and already overdue for some lovin’, don’t burn this candle.  The Mitchell Black candle will have you sensually dancing to Sade while admiring your hot bod in the mirror. It will have you looking at irresponsible Tumblr posts, and then ultimately making a desperate, late-night, bottom of the barrel booty call to the dude that lives down the street in his mamma’s basement. Don’t be that person.

Alternatively, I might suggest the Mitchell Black Hearth candle instead. It is also lovely, and it won’t get you into trouble and force you to have to wine-confess your sins to your besties.

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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