April 23, 2021
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Hot! Dressing: St. John’s Midnight Blazer Five Ways

At first glance, St. John’s “Midnight” Blazer looks like a wildly chic yet conventional one note, but a closer study reveals a versatile piece that can effortlessly elevate one’s wardrobe in an infinite number of ways.

St. John’s Creative Director George Sharp presents the second installment of Solution to Dressing, the brand’s take on building a multifaceted closet. The essential Blazer, a navy confection adorned with gold buttons, chest patch and button flap pocket details, channels five easy day-to-evening, winter to spring looks:

  1. For a bit of glitz, pair the Blazer with a sequin tank and slouchy jog pant. Mile-high heels punctuate the look.
  2. For a dash of refinement, style with a classic white poplin blouse and a cropped, wide-leg pant. A sash strewn across the waist adds a teaspoon of gypsy drama.
  3. A monochromatic look marries the Blazer with navy, pleated, cropped pants. A sleeveless, knit turtleneck and chunky bracelet keep it simple.
  4. A classic office look emerges when the Blazer plays with a putty-colored tunic and slim-leg slacks.
  5. Add a pair of cuff pants, soft tee and a pair of sunnies and you’re set for a weekend jaunt.

The Blazer is paired here with tailored pieces in neutral tones.But get inspired and mix weights, colors and fabrics to create your own chic, polished effect. Couple St. John’s “Midnight” Blazer with wide-leg jeans or a vintage print dress to create a new shape everytime. The styling options are endless with one perfect piece.

For more from St. John, check out http://www.sjk.com/en-us/shoponline/howtowear/

– Elizabeth Rose


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