February 3, 2023
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Hot! How to Turn Your Passion for Fashion Into a Business

You eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. You love waking up each day to rummage through your closet to find the right thing to put on. You enjoy reading the top fashion trends on popular blogs for hours. You’re the one that friends and family come to for advice on what to wear for special occasions. You’re the biggest critic of red carpet events and enjoy watching fashion makeover reality shows. As deep as your love of fashion runs, you’d be crazy not to turn it into a business. 

Don’t let something like the time, energy, and money it takes to start a business keep you from living your dream. Your passion for fashion is already fueling you, all you need is a roadmap to help you get it all done. Below, are a few tips on how to turn your love of fashion into a business: 

Decide What You Want to Do

To say that you want to work in fashion is very vague. There are so many different positions within that industry that trying to offer them all would dramatically decrease the likelihood of your business succeeding. So, you need to pick a niche or area in fashion. Are you interested in making your own fashion line complete with clothes, shoes, and accessories? Do you have an eye for fashion and want to become a personal stylist or start a fashion blog giving out style advice? Are you interested in helping up and coming fashion models? Perhaps you’re great with cameras and want to be a fashion photographer? 

If you need help deciding what you want to do in the fashion industry, you can always do some online research to learn about the job descriptions, salary, and experiences of working in a particular position. 

Do Market Research

You know what you want to do but do you know if there is a real need for it? Will this idea do well in the general public? You’ll need to do some market research to make a determination. The idea is you don’t want to invest all this time, money, and energy into starting a fashion business if no one is going to buy what you’re offering. 

You can compile this information by conducting interviews with your target audience, creating surveys, paying for focus groups, and even asking on social media. If it appears that your fashion products or services would be welcomed by the majority, then you’re ready for the next step. 

Make It Legit

Though all states vary, individuals interested in starting a business are required by law to meet certain requirements. This means selecting and registering a company name, choosing a business structure, obtaining the proper licenses, certifications, and permits, getting a tax identification number, and more. Be sure to contact your county clerk’s office and take care of all these steps before you begin any other steps to grow your fashion business. 

Protect Yourself

With any business, there are risks involved. At any time, you could find yourself dealing with a complaint that could cost you big. A customer walking through your store and slip and hurt themselves. If you make jewelry and a customer says something they purchased turned their skin green or caused them to break out, you’re on the hook. In any of these examples, you’d be reliable to cover the costs, which isn’t going to be cheap.  Having small business insurance, therefore, is important and keeps you from having to foot the bill on costly legal issues and complaints.  

Choose the Right Platform

Next up is deciding the best platform for your business. Do you want to operate exclusively online or would your business best work in a brick and mortar location? If you’re a personal stylist, for example, you may not need to invest in commercial property and pay all that overhead when you could easily meet up with your client at their place to work. If you’re selling your own fashion products, however, having a storefront may be ideal for gaining the attention of local buyers. Once you’ve made the decision, begin looking for either the best web host to create your eStore or the perfect destination and commercial property to launch your storefront. 

After completing the above-mentioned steps, you’re that much closer to turning your love of fashion into a business. All that’s left to do is begin marketing your products or services and hiring a team (if necessary). The rest is all about building your brand, providing quality customer service, and continually evolving with the ever-changing fashion world to meet the needs of your target customer. With a little blood, sweat, and tears, you can be the fashion guru you’ve always dreamed of. 

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