February 3, 2023
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Hot! 9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Before That All-Important First Date


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The words ‘date night’ are enough to strike fear into the hearts of most singletons. Meeting a potential partner can be an extremely intense and exciting experience. You might have already been chatting to your date via an online dating network such as badoo.com, which now has more than 150 million users worldwide. Alternatively, you might have met them in a nightclub and arranged to meet the following week; or a group of friends may have played matchmaker and paired the two of you together.

Whatever the reasons for your first date, it’s important that you look and feel your best to make the right impression. This nine-point pamper checklist is a fool-proof beauty regime that’ll change your dating mindset before you’ve even left home.

Have an indulgent bath

One sure-fire way to chill you out on the morning of your date is to have a lavish bath. A steamy, hot bath is a great way to ease your tension, soothe your muscles and help your skin feel beautifully smooth. Pop a bath bomb in there for good measure to release a string of calming scents and ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. Not only will a bath bomb strengthen and improve the elasticity of your skin, but it will enhance its aroma too – ideal if you’re hoping for a cheeky first date snog!

Get your nails done

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The simple act of painting your nails or having them manicured can instantly make you feel more confident and glamorous. When you feel glamorous you’ll instantly radiate positive vibes towards your date. Better still, unlike a hair do or an expensive minidress, a manicure can last for much longer than an evening, allowing you to reap the benefits for many days.

Give yourself a facial

According to aiderm.com, a facial improves blood circulation around the face and allows facial muscles to relax. Healthy, good-looking skin is always a turn-on for the opposite sex. Make sure a facial is an essential part of your pre-date beauty regime to take years off your face and reduce the premature ageing process.

Boost your confidence with hair removal

If things get a little hairy on your first date, make sure it’s not because of your unattended legs or armpits. When you’re having your bath, pay some attention to hair removal. Schick.com’s Intuition Plus Razor offers built-in shaving cream and moisturizer, making it easy to shave in a hurry. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it gentle to those with sensitive skin.

Buff up your skin the night before

After you’ve had your warm, inviting bath, be sure to exfoliate to buff up your skin before the big date. A gentle scrub with some scented lotion will keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The scented lotions help your skin feel soft, and will help it smell great all-night long. No-one tends to take care of the rest of their skin like they do with their face. But having smooth, healthy skin with a natural sheen is as important as a smooth, youthful face. There are a number of natural ingredients you can use to keep your skin feeling smooth and rid it of all the dead cells. Coffee is said to be an incredible body scrub. Mix ground coffee with olive oil and apply it to your body. Sea salt is another effective natural moisturizer when combined with almond oil, helping it to feel revitalised and soft.

Sex up your hair style

Bangtown Hair Saloon – Vancouver, BC” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Kris Krug

There’s nothing wrong with being a little daring with your hair style. It shows that you have a sense of fashion and that you’re making the effort for your date. If you’ve been speaking with your date online for some time, it’s important to remember that they will have seen photos of you on your profile. They obviously like you the way you look on the profile, so don’t have a dramatic cut or color change the night before your date!

Treat yourself to a new eau de toilette

There’s no doubt that guys like a woman that smells great but emptying your perfume bottle onto yourself minutes before your date is a one-way ticket to being left on the shelf! If you’ve already got a favorite or lucky scent, just spritz a little on yourself in strategic places – behind the ears, the back of your wrist and even run a little through your hair. If you really want to spoil yourself, buy a new eau de toilette that will help you remember the special occasion.

Stay hydrated

Unless you’re planning to meet in an ice bar, the chances are you are likely to sweat a little on your date. If you’re of a nervous disposition, be sure to keep your body well hydrated. Have a bottle of fresh cold water to hand the day before your date and on the day of your date. It will not only cleanse your system, it can also help to stave off bad breath, which no-one needs on a first date!

Be good to your body with a healthy meal before your date

If you’re going out for a lunchtime date, make sure you have a hearty breakfast to keep your body powered. A nice bowl of porridge normally ticks the right boxes. It’s packed with slow-release carbohydrates that will keep your mind sharp and your blood sugar levels stable to counterbalance your nerves. Alternatively, if you’re heading out for an evening date, something like a jacket potato or a bowl of fresh whole-wheat pasta will give you the energy you need to keep up the conversation with your date.

Try not to think too much about the date itself and what it might lead to. This will only serve to heighten your nervous energy and could lead to you giving off a false impression to your date. Just relax, enjoy the moment and be sure to give your date your undivided attention. Even if you decide towards the end of the date that you don’t want to see them again, be respectful and show your appreciation for the time they’ve committed to seeing you. Above all, have fun and who knows what the future holds!


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