September 25, 2022
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Hot! Beauty Q&A: Makeup Brushes 101 – What Do I Need to Know?

You ask, we answer  get help from to experts to give you an answer. In our latest beauty Q&A, we are tackle makeup brushes. We’ve heard your questions. And, thanks to the team at Red Door Spa we can answer you burning questions on brushes. Read on to find out what brushes are essential in an everyday kit; and to find out what you need know when buying brushes and so more.


The Red Door Spa team recommends the following brushes for your kit:  A foundation brush and a blush brush to use on the face. And for the for eyes: A base brush, a blender brush and an angled brush.

As for getting the right brush the explains:

When buying a brush you will always want to feel them between your fingers, by doing the “crunch test.” Squeeze the bristles together between your fingers to determine whether the brushes are crunchy or not. If they don’t crunch between your fingers they are safe for the skin.

A higher quality brush wont be harmful to the skin like many brushes that you might find at a drug store. Less expensive brushes use a lower quality hair, it can be coarse and abrasive to the user’s skin. Consider a synthetic hair blend that fits your needs.

As for product recommendations:

If you’re looking for affordable but “still great brush try Sephora’s brushes,” the team recommends. “They offer you the option to buy the basic styles that are less expensive or you can splurge on more professional quality styles made with better hair.”

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