May 29, 2023

Hot! Tip-to-Toe Suggestions to Getting Ready for Spring

“Immersion into the sights, sounds, and touches of the ocean.”

The sunshine is brighter, days are warmer, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming.  Yes, you guessed it. These are all the tell-tell signs that springtime is upon us.  While we might all welcome the milder weather and the chance to frolic outside again – we’ve also got some prep work to do. 

After a long hibernation during winter, we’ve got to get our motors running and blow out the cobwebs.  For example, many of us might have gained a few extra pounds during the long winter months.  Or, perhaps we’ve let our homes get a little dusty.  Then again, some of us are gearing up to get ready for spring break.  Whatever your case may be, here are a few tips that will help you easily transition into spring so you can enjoy this time of year to the fullest.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Spring is synonymous with freshy-fresh and revitalization.  Therefore, this is the perfect time to up your skincare game. Slough off the winter blahs by getting in some deep facial treatments.  For instance, apply a high-quality, vitamin-rich scrub cleanser to get a deep, nourishing clean.  Applying gentle exfoliants will also leave your face feeling fresh and clean while simultaneously clearing your pores so you can put your best face forward this spring.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Now is the time to put away the winter coats, wool sweaters, and insulated boots.  It’s also the perfect time to replace those dull winter threads with new, cool spring fashion trends.  Of course, you can still keep your favorite springtime outfits, but definitely treat yourself to a shopping spree so you can look fabulous this spring.  Oh, and don’t forget to snag some springtime footwear like comfy sandals or spruced-up sneakers.

Get Fancy Feet

Speaking of footwear, you’re going to be showing your tootsies more in the springtime. Therefore, indulge yourself in a full-on pedicure.  Pick out a bright, lively springtime color to get you in the mood for spring flings. A pedicure has a way of inspiring you to put your best foot forward, especially for spring parties or spring break.

Overhaul Your Living Space

The term “spring cleaning” is a real thing, and it’s one of the best ways to ramp up for the season.  This is the perfect way to clear out old, stodgy energy of winter and embrace the invigorating vibes that come with spring.  Do a deep clean on your entire house for a fresh, new feel.  Also, consider giving away unused items to charity as a way to minimize clutter in your space. 

Reboot Your Booty

If you’re like most people, you might have succumbed to the “winter weight” blues.  If so, start moving your body.  Get serious about exercise so you can fit into those cute spring outfits and look sensational this spring. Your body will thank you, you’ll be more in shape to enjoy springtime activities, and you will look fantastic.

Rethink Your Food

Because the theme of spring is about lighter, cleaner and brighter – think about this theme with your diet.  Combine your exercise routine with a healthy, clean diet.  While winter typically has us eating pasta and heavy carbs, spring encourages more delicate dishes.  Introduce more salads, veggies, and fruits to your daily meals. You might even think about going on a smoothie kick to help you slim down and shape for spring celebrations.

Get Organized

Too often, winter leaves us feeling droopy and that means we tend to let a lot of stuff fall by the wayside.  Tap into the energizing feeling of spring so you can get motivated to start organizing.  Catch up on old business.  Organize your computer files.  Tidy up your kitchen cabinets.  You get the idea.  There’s something about putting order in your life that prepares you for good times to come. Getting organized will also mentally prepare you for upcoming parties, activities and springtime fun.

Plan a Trip and Celebrate Spring

Now that you’ve literally “cleaned house” inside and out, it’s time to reward your efforts.  Spring is a great time to plan a vacation.  You don’t have to go during spring break and your trip doesn’t have to be extravagant.  A mini jaunt to the beach, or a springtime picnic with loved ones will do.  The point here is to welcome spring with open arms, celebrate fun in the sun, and herald this season of renewal.

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