June 1, 2023

Hot! What We Are Loving: Fancy Wine Glass. Here are some of our are Favorites

Happy Wine Wednesday. Haven’t heard of it? Weird. Apparently its a thing that our editor just made up... to showcase fancy wine glasses. Even if you’re an oenophile or a person who has mastered the art of hostessing, sipping from a fancy glass definitely elevates the experience (at it least does for this gal). So if you’re like me and are in the market for specially adorned wine glasses just right for any occasion and impress just about every style type. You’re luck. Here are some really cool options.

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Fizzy Wine Glasses (Set of 4 for $40.00) – Since each glass bears its own unique color guests won’t be left scrambling deciding which glass belongs to whom. That in itself is a win. Available via Uncommon Goods.


Decorative Wine Glass (set of four) – Why not drink from glass that bears a charming even an inspiring statement? Your guests, friends will love it. We certainly do. Available at TJ Maxx


BigMouth Inc “How Was Your Day?” Wine Glass – $14.99.  No more words needed. Whimsical. Funny and just right. Available at Amazon.


I DO YOGA – Just Kidding… I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants Wine Glass (Set of 2 for $28.99) – Pretty much same. Available via Amazon

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