December 4, 2022
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Hot! NYC Happenings: LEGO Exhibition at Openhouse Gallery

Remember when you were a kid and the sight of LEGOS would make you giddy with excitement? You thought– What should I make? Only to realize your artistic ability was limited to simple items. Most of us, while we enjoyed playing with LEGO’s, have long since given up playing with the plastic blocks. Nathan Sawaya, however, a New York based artist and sculptor, is still working with the childhood toy and has created some really impressive works.

“I’m excited to debut a new form of LEGO art and to continue to take this childhood toy into a new frontier of sophisticated contemporary art,” said Sawaya.  “LEGO is no longer just for building cars and trucks, it’s a legitimate art medium and I’m proud to have been on the forefront of what is evolving into a bit of an art revolution for the toy.


The works created by Sawaya include a dress, an umbrella, a dog and so much more all of which are currently in display in a limited run exhibition. The IN PIECES exhibition also include works by artist Dean West.  Both artist spent years traveling and visited California, Toronto, New York, Utah and Nevada where they worked together to blend their crafts. The result are visually stunning two-dimensional images which are on display.

The IN PIECES exhibition is currently on display (daily 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) at Openhouse Gallery (201 Mulberry st) and will close on March 17th.


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