September 20, 2021
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Hot! Diane Kruger Covers Manhattan Magazine

Diane Kruger Manhattan Magazine

Wow! Now this is what we called Caliente. Wearing a skin tight black skirt, white shirt and loads of jewels, model/actress Diane Kruger covers spring issue of Manhattan Magazine. In the issue of she chats about her past acting jobs, why she left Ballet for acting, her love for Star Trek, and so much more. Here are some quotes from the issue.

Kruger defines herself as a sci-fi geek:
“I’m a Star Trek, Star Wars person.”

Quote on why she left ballet for acting:
“By 11, I realized I didn’t have the talent to be a prima ballerina; I was getting curvier, and it was getting harder for me to keep up with the other girls, no matter how hard I worked,” she says. “That’s a pretty sucky thing to find out.”

Quote on modeling career:
“Before then I had never been called pretty, it was huge to be financially independent, and I loved the travel,” she says.

Reference to Bridget von Hammersmark role played Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds:
“What’s especially frustrating is when a script comes along that you love, with a part you feel was written for  you, and the director won’t even see you,” Ultimately, Tarantino required Kruger to fly to Germany. “Then,” Kruger says, “he made me wait two weeks before he called.” But call he did.

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