June 1, 2023

Hot! #NYFW: 60 Seconds with Rebecca Taylor

rebeccaIn the spirit of New York Fashion Week, we fired off questions on F/W 2015 and fun personal facts to the designers showcasing their new collections this month. See what Rebecca Taylor had to say in this season’s “60 Seconds” Q&A.

The Fabulous Report (TFR): Tell us what we can expect from your collection?
Rebecca Taylor (RT): This season the collection channels eclectic French girl- Francoise Hardy. She searches Portobello Market and Les Puces de Saint-Ouen for cool Victorian pieces and soft, femme chiffon dresses to style with “worn-in” Military jackets.

(TFR): Speaking of collection–what shoes get you through Fashion Week?
(RT): I’ve been wearing my new Chloe boots recently. I’m really loving a tall boot this season.

(TFR):What are your plans for Valentine’s Day (if you can get away from work?)
(RT):A fun night out with the family at Franny’s.

(TFR): What song are you embarrassed to have in your iTunes?
(RT): I’m not sure, I think the embarrassing songs are the ones we secretly love to sing along to because they are so catchy and fun!

(TFR) What was the last movie that you saw made you cry?
(RT): I recently saw Whiplash and I was taken aback by how great it was.

(TFR): You’re at brunch. Sweet or savory?
(RT): Both.

(TFR): If you had a time machine and could go back in time…What career would you have if you hadn’t become a fashion designer?
(RT): A makeup artist, if my hands weren’t so shaky.

(TFR): Where was your last vacation?
(RT): Hawaii.
(TFR): Okay, its early but any hints on spring 2016?
(RT): Oh gosh, I am trying to wrap my mind around Pre-Spring at the moment. I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

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