May 31, 2023

Hot! Food Roulette is all About Fun

What was once a rather mundane but integral part of our life has become very interesting and exciting due to the concept of food roulette. As the name suggests, food roulette is basically the concept of having food without knowing what exactly it is. Played with a bunch of friends or among family members, it is a fun way of tasting different food or different cultures.

Ordering a pizza or Chinese meal can get repetitive; the concept of food roulette is fun. It is supposed to be a very social concept in which a group of friends or the entire family has fun during the course of an evening in which they taste different kinds of food – some they will like, some they will not. It is all about enjoying food in new ways and bringing people closer together. A genius of an idea, it is already catching fire and more and more people are embracing this and making staying in more fun.

Doritos Roulette

One of the most popular types of food roulette is snack known as Doritos Roulette. The chips are of tangy cheese flavour, but there are also some are some Tabasco® Hot Pepper Sauce Flavour Corn Chips. What is interesting about this is that they are of different flavours and of different hotness. Some of the Doritos Roulette chips are very hot and spicy and could leave you asking for water. This makes it quite interesting and somewhat of an adventure in the mouth. You might need a glass of water or a jar of sugar for this one! 

Doritos Roulette, which was initially started in South Africa and Venezuela back in 2012, is now available in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom. Such is its popularity that Doritos has partnered with Tabasco sauce to re-launch its Roulette variant by introducing a Tabasco-flavored chip in each pack. Last year, Doritos also teamed up with Xbox to offer consumers the chance to win as many 70,000 Xbox-related prizes, such as Xbox One games, Xbox Live Gold access, Xbox Game Passes. When Doritos Roulette was launched in the USA back in 2015, there were questions on whether it would be embraced by the consumers. As it turned out, it has been a huge success, and it is only going to grow, not just in America but in the rest of the world.

Jelly Bean Roulette

Another example of food roulette is the official Harry Potter jelly beans. While most of these Bertie Bott jelly beans taste as you’d expect, with flavours such as green apple, tutti-frutti, watermelon and banana, some are deliberately very odd and can taste quite unpleasant. In a pack of 48, you can expect at least ten to have a very weird and wild taste. These include black pepper, booger, earwax, stinky socks, soap, rotten egg, earthworm and dirt – but it’s all in good fun! The branding here goes beyond just pairing up food with a pop culture phenomenon, as the jelly beans in this pack are a reference to the strange snacks Harry and his friends would enjoy, while they also remind us of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and the pranks and gadgets that Ron’s twin brothers started selling with towards the end of the book and film series.

It is a great example of “pick and mix” in a branded case. Just like the Doritos Roulette, this is also something that you can do and share with your friends, maybe while watching your favourite sitcoms on the television or watching the new blockbuster at the movies – or as part of a Harry Potter marathon. Just make sure that when you get the ones with the unpleasant taste in your mouth, you do not make a lot of noise, or the rest of the audience in the theatre will not be pleased!

The Concept of Roulette

To understand the concept of food roulette and its growing popularity, perhaps it would be a good idea to turn to the origin of the concept. The roulette wheel was actually invented by the historic French physicist, inventor, and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. What Pascal did in 1655 was attempt to create a perpetual motion machine, which eventually led to it being used in casinos for gaming purposes. It was in 1842 that Francois and Lois Blanc designed a roulette wheel with a single zero on it as a game for King Charles III of Monaco.

The popularity of the roulette has only grown over the past several decades, and it is not hard to understand why. It is a game of chance, and the sheer euphoria of watching whether the ball will fall on the black or the red numbers is very unique.  The roulette wheel in its original form is still popular in casinos – well-known movies such as The Hangover series and hit America sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men have often mentioned winning millions in Las Vegas casinos – but there can be no denying that since the early 2000s, online gambling has taken over. Now anyone anywhere in the world can play a game of roulette. What online gaming has done is make playing roulette available to the common average man who can enjoy it from the comfort of his living room or the bedroom – and make these games more widely known too, which led to the association with food and, ultimately, to Doritos Roulette and more. Online roulette is a very popular game among punters, who have access to different variants of roulette online, for example at Vegas Casino, where they can play with bitcoins.

Fast growing

The concept of food roulette can also help you in deciding what to have for dinner even when you are on your own. For a quiet night in, you can play the game online and pick whatever fate throws at you. Websites such as BuzzFeed provide such games online, which are available at the click of a button. The whole concept of food roulette is to make having food fun, and if you have not yet been sold on this idea, then it might be a good idea to test it out yourself. You could even include a friend and have a Spicy Food Challenge similar to the ones done by some YouTubers. It is a good way to bring friends closer and to share some heartwarming moments from the comfort of the dining room.

Food roulette is only going to get more popular and bigger, and there is little surprise that there are a lot of websites and restaurants out there embracing this concept and promoting it. After all, what it does is making having lunch or dinner with your friends and family more interesting. You could spin the wheel and get soft-boiled duck egg with bacon and asparagus soldiers for your dinner, or chicken and mushroom pasta bake for your lunch. Of course, it could take a while to prepare the food and buy the ingredients, but it is all part of the experience. Spending a few hours with your friends in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon preparing such exotic food can be a very uplifting and fulfilling experience.

Food roulette could also be something fun for young mothers and their kids. One of the games is baby food roulette. What you need is a group of mothers and their children and jars of baby food. In this game, the kids stand in a circle and pass a spoon while the music plays, and when the music stops, the loser picks out a jar of baby food and takes a bite. This works well at large group events and can be fun, both for the mothers and their kids. 

If you’re still unsure about food roulette and are uncertain about the food that could land on you, it would not be a bad idea to check out the various games on YouTube. A quick search on YouTube will lead to a number of people having food roulette challenges and having fun with it. People have played games such as Fast Food Roulette, Canned Football Roulette and Ghost Pepper Jelly Bean Roulette among other games. Perhaps you could record your friend tasting something he or she does not like and share it on YouTube for the entire world to see. But it can take on a more manageable form too – basically, using food of any kind (even if you leave out super-spicy flavors) to play a tasting game of chance would equal a food roulette experience.

There is no doubt that food roulette is here to stay. Perhaps in the future, your local restaurant will embrace this concept and you could actually play a similar game there. Imagine walking to a restaurant with your date and instead of sitting down and ordering food from the menu, you two play spin the wheel and let fate decide. It could be a fun-filled evening that could bring the two of you closer and you could get to know each other better. Or, imagine doing that with the whole family, in a restaurant you trust. It could make children more interested in exploring new flavors too!


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