March 31, 2023
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Hot! Gallery Surprise Bae with a Romantic Dinner at Home for V-Day (Don’t Worry Its Easy)

Valentine's Day The Fabulous Report

Whether you’re trying to save money, avoid crowds, or simply don’t want deal with the outside elements, celebrating Valentine’s day at home doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. In fact, we’ve got an easy do it home guide for a romantic day at home. And, yes you don’t have to be a domestic goddess to participate. No seriously.

To start the night off smoothly, have an appetizer that you can make the day before. Fig and brie crostini is an easy and impressive dish- you can make the fig spread the night before, and even use any leftovers as a spread for sandwiches.

After you’ve impressed your guest with you’re cooking skills show them that you’ve really are going for the win. Try this with this easy fish dish.  A perfect light meal seals in the moisture and the telltale smell, and cleanup couldn’t be easier. The seal-it-up technique works with just about any fish fillets or even scallops or shrimp. Toss in pretty much any veggies and fresh herbs, a little butter or olive oil, and a shot of lemon.

Now that’s dinner is over, top off the night dessert or a festive cocktail.


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