March 30, 2023
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Hot! #NYFW: 60 Seconds with Hernan Lander

In addition to the designer inspiration sketches, this fashion week we are also asking designers a about their design process, what’s gets them motivated and some other fun questions. Here’s what designer Hernan Lander had to say.

The Fabulous Report: What are you eating to maintain your energy?
Hernan Lander: Plenty of vegetables, grilled chicken and some fruits and grains.

TFR: What has been the most challenging part so far?
Lander: Delegating tasks and maintaining control. Overseeing every single step of the creative process required to produce a collection is always a major challenge.

TFR: How do you stay motivated during crunch time?
Lander: I think about the final result. When I constantly maintain a mental image of how fabulous the collection will turn out, I am inspired to keep going.

TFR: How do you relax before the show?
Lander: LOL, good question. Please, if you have any tips, tell me because I can never relax before a show. Until everything is done and presented the way I want it, I am ultra-tense. I’m usually on edge until after the last model puts on the last outfit and I know there is no more room for a catastrophe to occur…haha.

TFR: What are you doing to prepare for the big day?
Lander: An amazing fashion presentation.

TFR: What are you doing after the show is over?
Lander: I hope to finally rest and relax a little bit with my close friends and family.

TFR: Vodka or champagne?
Lander: It depends on the mood of the moment but I love champagne.

TFR: Miami or Hamptons?
Lander: For business – Hamptons, for fun- Miami.

TFR: Cake or Pie?
Lander: Definitely Cake – Yummy!

Hernan Lander will present his collection this Monday.

Photo Via: Socially Superlative

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