May 30, 2023

Hot! #NYFW Backstage Report Tome Fall 2014


 On the Face

James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry, created a natural look that emphasized the eyes.  “The collection has subtle elements of the 60’s,” he explains. So he wanted to create a look that played homage to the era but at the same time modern. He explained the “muse was the Iranian artist Shirin Neshat and we specifically wanted to capture the spirit of how she wore her eyeliner.” As a result to look showcased featured a reverse cat-eyeliner that looks polish and modern.  “The definition is only along the bottom lash line and the boyish brow and glowing skin keep the look modern,” Boehmer

Products used

NARSskin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer — That was really worked into the face to give the skin a healthy and natural looking glow.
Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer — This helped eliminate any blemishes and create radiant skin
Radiant Creamy Concealer — Used as needed
Loose powder — to finish the look.


On the Nails

Gina Edwards, Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer lead Nail Stylist, created a crisp and modern, cropped nail. She used a nude nail polish to match the model skin tone. All totaled Taylor created four custom colors.


On the Hair

Nick Irwin, Global Creative Director for Catwalk by TIGI Global,  told us the hair was inspired by “a young girl who has access to a little bit of money. So she’s confident, a little bit of high end but at the same time she’s really cool.” So the hair is very polished with a hint of movement. “Initially, we were going to do it [hair] straight but then I saw the clothes. I saw lots of movements in the garments. So, I wanted to put something in the back; that movement when the girl turns you see something different,” Irwin shares. “The hair is clean, blown away from the face, ties of the side– you’ll see a buckle.  We’re also giving the hair a natural lift. ”

Here’s how to recreate the look at home:

1. Mist hair with water and brush through with a flat brush. Beginning at the nape, section hair horizontally, and apply CATWALK® by TIGI® Curlesque Strong Hold Mousse to roots. Blow dry section smooth collapsing the hair at the root, while leaving a bit of natural movement. Continue to section and repeat till you reach the crown

2. Next, clip remaining front-center section away from sides. Brush back sides and blow dry smooth to the head. Clip side in place behind ear, keeping the silhouette at the back

3. Unclip front-center section of hair and blow-dry upwards for lift at root. Clip in three horizontal sections and allow to set for a loose and separated lift Section the back into three, spraying CATWALK® by TIGI® Your Highness Firm Hold Hair Spray and using a large curling wand, running it over the surface of each section horizontally to add a loose movement through the back To finish, brush curls through with flat brush to soften and set with CATWALK® by TIGI® Your Highness Firm Hold Hair Spray.


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