October 23, 2018

Hot! Joico’s Newest Product Line is the Science Behind Healthy Hair

Joico’s recent hair demo event and cocktail soirée proved both chic and informative. Guests rubbed elbows while cute bartenders served up bubbly and nitrogen fueled lychee mojitos – yes, you heard right. Lychees were stirred around in a bowl of nitrogen to freeze them for a dressed up mojito that is not watered down and packs a more flavorful punch. Light bites of short ribs, bite sized tacos, and other delectably savory treats were also served. Cute bartenders, bubbly, nitrogen lychee mojitos, and snacks? All in the gorgeous space at the exclusive Parlor New York? We were sold at the gate.

Candy Gebhart, Sr. Director of Marketing for Joico (@CandyJoico) delivered an intriguing presentation about the newest Joico products along with Damien Carney, Joico’s master hair stylist.

“Hair dressers needed something that really did make hair healthy from the inside out. We’ve been known for the science behind healthy hair.” said Gebhart.

We were impressed with what we were told about the effectiveness of Joico’s newest 11 products. And, how they worked to create and maintain beautifully styled hair. During the event, we watched as three models with different hair textures were all able to have frizz free, perfectly styled hair, whether voluminous or sleek.

“These resins, the science of the Aqua-Lastic, live in their natural environments in the deep seas of California. So they are very used to surviving and thriving naturally around 450 degrees. So even when you are putting your heat tool on, [your hair] is getting the benefits of the resins that survive naturally in the product.” said Carney.

Naturally, we were intrigued and it seemed like we weren’t alone. Because when guests were handed a hefty bag of Joico products to sample at the end of the night, we weren’t the only ones who were ecstatic.

Check out Joico’s newest 11 products at www.Joico.com! In the meantime take a peek at the images from the event


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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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