September 27, 2021
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Americana, Punker, Modster. No, these are not names of the next Miley Cyrus album but the newest collections from Ardency Inn, a cosmetic company that has designed beauty products for all women. Inspired by music and musicians, Ardency Inn began tackling the most neglected area of beauty, women of color, and have created palettes that work with every woman’s skin tone. Beauty editors from every genre and neighborhood of the city gathered this past Wednesday, in the dark, punk backroom area of Fontana’s to view the launching Americana collection. Staged on the tiny cocktail tables were trays of samples from Ardency Inn’s Americana, Punker and Modster lines. The charismatic James Vincent, Director of Artistry and Education, led the presentation that introduced Ardency Inn to the beauty pros and immediately won everyone in the room over with his enthusiasm and passion for Ardency Inn. Most loved about the brand is the “every woman” approach that is often excluded from cosmetic brands’ ideas.

Favorites to look for:
Punker Original Smoky Shadow pencil, this matte charcoal eye shadow pencil doubles as an eyeliner to create a complete smoky eye look in seconds. ($19.00)

Punker Unrivaled Volume & Curl Lash Wax, this groundbreaking formula inspired by ultra lightweight hair styling pomades, gives an obnoxious amount of volume and durably curled lashed in just one week. ($24.00)

Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl, this hybrid lip color formula delivers the shine of a lacquer and the staying power of a stain. ($23.00)

Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate, this breakthrough formula turns your daily moisturizer into your own custom tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation or concealer. Simply mix a drop of Concentrate with your moisturizer. ($38.00)

Americana Natural Lip Color Pencil, this silky smooth formula enriched with Shea Butter enhances the natural beauty of your lips ($23.00)

-Brit Sellers/

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