March 28, 2023
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Hot! Gallery 10 Fabulous Booties for the Stylish Gal

According the age-old saying that I just made up, “booties are the ultimate must-have for the savvy fashionista.” And, if you read my style posts (and I know you do) this might declaration not as a surprise mostly I raved about this style –a couple of times  or maybe few times but I digress; the point is, as New Yorkers we walk everywhere and wearing heels (albeit cute one) can really be hard on your feet.  Booties, on the other hand, are more conducive to an active lifestyle without sacrificing style or height. This is why I am a fan. As might have gathered I am committed to this style so in the spirit of looking for something I scoured the Internet for ten really outstanding shoes. Take a look at I found and you’re welcome.

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