November 12, 2018

Hot! Gallery Visit Britain Showcases The Country Side Collection


Loads of British types (get it?) took over Soho’s Dune Studios for a one of a kind celebration. Her Majesty’s Consul General Danny Lopez, was on hand to introduce Great Britain’s The Countryside Collection to a rarefied group of tastemakers. To showcase the collection the cavernous venue was transformed to resemble a ‘GREAT room’ of a contemporary British Hotel. It included walls decorated with contemporary art, a candlelight room with gorgeous accents, an open kitchen, a mini-bar stocked with top quality scotch (one of which was a 21 year old sampler), and gin and a delightfully decorated stage.

The experience felt like a fun story of British life and that was the point explains Lopez. “Our countryside offers the very best of Britain,” he explains of the country side “Visitors will experience world-class museums and galleries, delicious local cuisine and first-rate heritage sites, just as they might in the big cities. And they can enjoy all this from the Highlands of Scotland to the tallest peaks of North Wales and throughout England’s beautiful villages. It truly is the best of both worlds.”

In attendance, at the event were Alexandra Richards, Lily DonaldsonTennessee Thomas, Mickey Boardman,Lady Liliana Cavendish, and Katherine Jenkins, OBE,who wowed guests with her incredible voice (see the performance above). 

Here are some images from the evening:


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