July 22, 2018

Hot! Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011

I received a call from Makeda of The Glamazons Diaries, a fellow editor and friend, urging me to “drop everything and head to nearest computer to look at Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall Collection.” The collection she claimed was one of perfection – I got to say I agree.

Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall collection is the epitome of glamour and of elegance with bold prints/colors, structured bodices, and asymmetrical dresses.

In her first collection since the death of Alexander McQueen, designer Sarah Burton, captures current trends but redefines them into fashion works of arts. The military-inspired pieces are breathtaking; and feature pipping details, gold hardware (such as bottoms), embroidery accents on regimented silhouettes.

In addition to structure pants, jackets and coats, the 250-piece collection (for both and woman) features sweet dresses that are fit for any red-carpet occasion. The dresses with their bold prints paired and flowing silhouettes so uniquely beautiful that will surely Sarah Burton set her apart from the crop of designers aiming for similar success.

Now who wants to sponsor me so I can get my hands on these coveted designs?

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