December 6, 2022
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Hot! In the Swim for 2017: Boho, Romantic, Surfer Chic, and More!

The holiday festivities have been over for a while, and a long stretch of chilly winter is staring you in the face. What better time to cozy up with your laptop and dream of summer while you’re searching out a new swimsuit or two to break out when the weather warms up. The internet has all the latest looks and what’s even better is that you don’t have to take off all your layers in a cramped dressing room to try them on!

When it comes to swimwear, whether you’re a traditionalist or a seeker of the new and daring, there’s going to be something this year that suits you and your style. Here are some of the trends that rocked the runways for 2017:

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Vintage Boho

In the 1960s, the free-spirited hippies adopted the dreamy and feminine flowing fashions of the previous century and mixed them up with handcrafted details, a bit of gypsy wanderlust, and a laid-back, breezy attitude. Here we are again celebrating the allure of fanciful patterns, embroidery, crochet, braiding, fringe, and natural elements like wooden beads, cowrie shells, stones, and feathers. You’ll find these touches in one- and two-piece swimsuits, tunics, and cover-ups.

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Romantic Beach Looks

Continuing the emphasis on femininity, there are suits and cover-ups delicately embellished with flirty lingerie influences like lace, ruffles, flounces, ruching, and teasing see-through sections. Bridal white is everywhere this year, too, in looks from super sexy to demure. If a honeymoon is in your future, one of these suits is a must-pack even if it never leaves the bedroom.

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Surfer Chic

You can be a fashion knock-out and still be comfortable and protected as you surf, swim, snorkel, paddle board, or train for a triathlon. Style has finally married sport technology, with its innovative and intelligent textiles and streamlined looks, and you’ll find colorfully patterned full-coverage long-sleeve tops paired with bikini bottoms and also in one-piece styles. Wear them as rash guards in the water or as sun protection on the sand. And if you’re not the most athletic gal around, no one will be the wiser.

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Halter Bikinis

So much for the triangle top. The newcomer this year is the halter. With sheer inserts, crocheting, cut-outs, tassels, fringe, or other details, the halter makes more of a statement, and frankly, ladies, it’s more comfortable. No tugging or surreptitious checking necessary! Pull on a skirt, shorts, or jeans, and the halter goes to town, too.

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If you’ve been watching the stars at the awards shows, you know that the neckline has never plunged lower. Whether modestly covered with mesh, or out there for the world to see, one-piece suits with deep plunges are boldly going to the beach this year. It’s a great way to control your curves and show off your assets at the same time. Order your swimsuit online at a site like and you can try this daring style in the comfort of your own home before you wear it in public.

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Straps Everywhere

Whether it’s lace-up lingerie looks, bottoms with lattice sides, or simple decorative strips across the midriff and waist, strappy elements are in. Depending on the suit, they can be a little bit bondage, a little bit punk, or just straight out seductive.

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Side Cut-Outs

One-piece swimsuits used to be the refuge for women who wanted to camouflage their lesser attributes. But this year’s one-pieces have something for women who want to show some skin, too. Less extreme cut-outs will still hold you in where it counts, but whether they’re demure or dramatic, cut-outs on the sides of a swimsuit can add curves where there aren’t any while they fool the eye into believing there’s less rather than more of you. Some trick!

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Creative Cover-Ups

This season’s wraps, ponchos, sheer pants, long-sleeve shrugs, openwork mesh tops, and flowing caftans cover you up just enough so you can stroll over to the beach bar or head out for some local shopping. Designers really put their minds to it this time, so be sure to add a cover-up or two or three to your wardrobe to replace that droopy long t-shirt you’ve been using. Your new swimsuits surely deserve something better than that.

With so many choices, you may find yourself ordering a whole swimsuit wardrobe. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) But whichever suits you choose to strut your stuff, don’t go out without sunscreen.

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